Wow! Your products work on web browser with JS Disabled as well

Hey Guys,

I’m a digital marketing guy with a tech background. SEO point of view JS-based sites are very bad, and takes a lot of time to index.

Converting most of the websites into very minimal JS functionality. So that JS won’t block while google bot rendering the site.

Then I thought of using the Hellotars bot in the website, I was worried that I ll be get stuck with SSR (server-side rendering) needed might be.

Just did a test on a browser with JS disabled, and to my surprise,. Wow! it worked :slight_smile:

So cool guys.

Thanks for it.

@ish @vinit Great job guys. You rocks.

A couple of questions, Can we able to make the referral URL of my chatbot into no-follow as well.

And will this run on PWA based website too?

Thanks, you guys rock.

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