Yes/no buttons show twice on Facebook?

Howdy! Hey, I am having a problem with my bot on Facebook Messenger. My bot asks the user a series of questions designed to point them to appropriate resources if they are the target of online threats.

What I am trying to do is:

  • If the user clicks “Yes,” they are redirected to a web page;
  • If the user clicks “No,” they are moved on to the “Goodbye” gambit.

This works in the preview within TARS, but on Facebook it looks like this:

When a user clicks the big “YES”, they are redirected to the web page. When they click the Yes button next to No, they are redirected back to the beginning of the bot interaction.

Do you have ideas on how to approach this?

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Just so people know, I took a different approach to get around this. Instead of having the “yes” button contain a URL redirect, I had the YES button point to another gambit with the link. Problem solved.

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Hi @lisawilliams,

The issue that you faced is because of the limitations of the Facebook Messenger platform, as it does not allow Automatic page redirection from the ChatBot. The solution that you came up with is quite clever, and we have thought of doing that as a default behaviour in the Bot, when an auto-page redirection input type is selected in a gambit. Basically so that they don’t have to create another gambit with the explicit button with the redirection link on it.

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