Access data from prev filling


I’m looking for the way to access data from prev filling by the same user. Does Tars have this functionalyty?
Another way - is the simple registration by the email only and ask it on the first gambit of the chatbot. But how to find entered email in prevs filling?


Easiest solution I know would be to create a Google Sheet, and use Zapier to send that information to the google sheet on their first interaction. Then when they log back in and enter a username or their email address, you can make an API call to the Google Sheet to find that user and then pull all the information you would like off of their entry. Then you can use a code within the bot conversation to reference that information. This overall concept is covered in some of the tutorials and Lab Experiments that TARS has done, but you will have to piece the actual process together (the lab experiment link is just to the blog, you will have to scroll down a ways before you get to the lab experiments).

I made a demo ticketing system that follows this concept. You can check it out here Ticket Bot. Make sure you enter a valid email address, because you will receive an automated email with your ticket number. When you click the link in the email, the bot launches, pulls all your information that is pertinent from your previous interaction (and some that was attached behind the scenes when you first submit) to display your information and the status of your submission in the bot conversation. The logic is essentially the same and could easily be adjusted to accomplish what you would like. Everything is running on free accounts (except the TARS bot(s), which requires premium subscription to conduct webhook/API calls).

If you would like to set up something up like this, but don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself, let me know, and we can work something out.

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Thanks for answer! I know about Zapier and other 3rd party solutions, but I think if data stored in Tars then should be way to access it without external services.

Can you explain this a bit with an example? Like where would you like to send the data collected from Tars bot to and how you’d want to use it.

This would be helpful in figuring out the right solution.

I want to create multistep bot (or 3-4 different Bots) so I need to check (by email for example) if user already filled the Bot and redirect it to another bot or another gambit.

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I had not thought of that… but I like the idea. Why use Google sheets if we can just pull off the reports already stored in the dashboard. I’m sure something like this would take a good amount of work to be viable. But smart bot handoffs has definitely been on my want list for some time.

This would be great if we could get bots to handoff within the widget itself too. Then the user never knows and the interaction can continue on as smooth as possible.


use {{ursp.gambit_name}} to get the stored data.

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I think @mvs meant that once the user has responded on some gambits on some Bot, and closes the Bot (either finishing it or not), and then that data can be pulled later on to fill rest of the data in the same Bot, or even populate data in another Bot for that user, at a different time that that user is interacting with the Bot.

This will enable powerful handoffs between Bots when talking to a specific user.

We have thought about this feature in the past, but in the early product release we wanted to keep things simple and keep all the bot-user conversations to be indpenedent of user state/session. Like a simple webform.

But I think as the product has evolved, we might find a smart way to incorporate some of these ideas for better data handoff, without affecting the stateless-ness (sessionless-ness) of user-bot conversations.

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