Drip Content Bots

So, when someone signs up on my site, let’s say, they see a different bot than non-members (code in my page).

What if… they get a welcome message the first time they get that bot?

And then the next time they have logged in (at least 24 hours later) they get another message. And 36 hours (or next login later), they get a message with some content about a cool feature, etc…



It’s a good idea to explore. This is similar to overlays that target specific audiences and launch on arrival. Though, I feel like it may be slightly more complicated with the bots. I think all users would be directed to a pointer that would then determine which path based on the cookie browsing history. You would make three identical bots (except the opening message) and direct traffic to the different URLs. Definitely a useful tool for many different services.

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So, I was talking to Ish today about the code on a page showing a different bot (or refreshing) based on factors the code would handle outside of the bots.

Like show bot 1 for this factor, bot 2 for this, and bot 3 for all others…

But, I wonder if more sensitivity could be added in.

I just like the idea of being able to reach out specifically to people periodically, based on how long they’ve been using my site/services.

Connection and engagement.


@Nookie This is an interesting idea. Showing different Bots in the on-page widget, based on some parameters. What kind of parameters are you thinking about, other than user’s visiting history.

Well, it depends on the site.

My site is dating, so maybe gender, and an interest?

On another community site, maybe location? Or hobby? Or response to a previous bot (like a request for information about a topic).

This sounds great - I’m hoping to have something similar for Facebook integration.

On Facebook, I want my RepairBOT to initiate on first contact (on when I toggle it on) with a customer who wants to inquire about a repair.

But often my customers may return to ask another question, not for another repair, I want the RepairBOT to be disabled, and to be replaced by another Feedback bot or disabled entirely for human Q&A.

It would be useful to add in variables/parameters that can determine if this user has spoken to the bot before, if so, ask other questions or load a different bot!

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We use a service like Unless.com, to customize the site, based on many of the ideas above, perhaps it could be used to decide which bot to show?


Since the time this question was asked, we have released a feature called Conditional Jump. Which can potentially address this use-case.

Check out this feature here: