Introduce yourself

Hey everyone!

We have launched this community to bring all you bot creators together. And we are doing this primarily for one reason - Collaboration

Creating good bots is an art in itself. And there is a limit to what we(Tars team) can think and do. But there are endless possibilities to what you can create using Tars platform.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can read and learn how others in similar domain as yours have been using bots and getting value out of it? Learning from what others are building and sharing about what you have built is the main intention of this community.

So why don’t you go ahead, introduce yourself and tell other bot creators what bot you are building.

Over to you!



Helo everybody, i am Dan from Romania. We are building bots for small and medium companies. Our latest release is an event assistant chatbot built on Tars, whose purpose is to guide and assist the event guests on topics relates to accomodaton, services, the program and offering also the ability to call-a-human for assistance.


Hi all, I own a small computer/phone repair company based in Cambridge, UK called RocktScience. Currently rebuilding my site for potential customers, I needed an edge, so luckily my brother told me about TARS! Now, I’m making 3 bots, one to ask basic questions about a type of repair (type of device, issue, model, etc), taking customer details, parse in Zapier and file to a Google Docs - basically a ‘Lead bot’ but inexpensive for me! The others will be a FAQ Bot and lastly a Knowledge Base Bot.

Hoping to get the Repair Bot fully integrated onto Facebook, currently if the bot runs on FB, it will chat away regardless of my interaction to new and old customers - not useful if a customer has a follow up question after a repair! I’m looking forward to future dev that will enable some sort of toggling of this Bot in FB.



Hello Everyone,

My name is Vinit. I am one of the two co-founders here at TARS.
I have working on the ChatBot domain for the past 2 years now and have closely seen the industry during this time. The TARS ChatBot and the Builder Tool is something i have built from scratch and i know the ins and outs of the whole system. Although sometimes i get confused and think about who has written all of this code.

Please feel free to reach out to me for anything related to chatbots.


Hey Guys.

I am Rakesh Debur, Chief Travel Geek @ TripDesign.Us. We are a traveler company focused on optimizing vacations for cost, comfort & experience. We build easy to use, ready to book, do-it-yourself itineraries. I am working on automating the vacation planning & booking process using chatbots and a couple of other tools. Cheers


Hi, I’m currently experimenting with TARS to see if this type of technology can be used to help citizens understand and apply complex rules (laws and regulations) in the public sector.


I’m Levi. I’m a writer by degree (and trade), which is why ChatBots are a perfect for me. I like to bring well-thought out dialogue and a high level of consistency to my ChatBots. I love to learn and to teach, so this community is a great fit, and it is exciting to be on the “ground floor” of its inception.

I’m a techy at heart, but everything I know is essentially self-taught. It’s funny though, because the more I delve into tech (ChatBots, web development, media, etc.), I find the principles of writing (style, consistency, editing, and revision) apply to developing everything.

In fact ChatBots fall into a writer’s wheelhouse so well, I’m considering making a career run on chat development. I think the market is there. And it will only grow as we move forward.

Happy creating everybody!


Hey guys I’m Shane from Toronto Canada. I have a Marketing Agency here and in the US and have just built out and launched a Tars ChatBot for the Dentist/Orthodontist market.

We have 60 customers so far that have invested in it.

Our chatbot has over 100 gambits in it but I also build smaller micro-engagement chatbots that I run Facebook ads for that is going very successfully. Recently just brought in over 1000 Messenger subscribers for a product launch going on this week. Follow up messages are getting over 80% open rate which is waaaay better than email subscribers so really loving this.

I’ve been using a different chatbot platform for these Messenger chatbots, however I’m looking forward to Tars new features inside Messenger so I can start using it instead …really love building on the Tars platform as it’s much simpler and more intuitive.

Would love to collaborate with anyone else who is running ad traffic to Messenger chatbots …let’s get some great ideas flowing in here.

Thanks for the invite Ish :slight_smile:


Great to have you here Levi. Having spent some good time in ChatBot Industry, I feel like there is big opportunity to write content in a small bite sized conversational style. And when you mix up that with the possibility of story branching and control, then a lot of new kind of experiences can be delivered with such a content.

Would love to see how this unfolds. Feel free to start a new Topic around this subject, you might find some good ideas around.


Hi Christer,

Great to have you here. That is an interesting use-case for ChatBots. To help people understand some complex laws or regulations that is usually hard to communicate. We have made a Demo Bot sometime back which explained a different kind of concept through this, called the BitCoin.

Check it out to get some ideas on how you can explain a complicated subject using a ChatBot


Hi Rakesh,

Great to have you here. Check this small Travel Planner Demo Bot we built last year:

This may give you some ideas on how to go about making your own Travel Planner Bot.


Hey Will,

Great to have you here.

I am sure Ish must have shared this bot with you. But let me share it again here, to help others check this use-case. To make a bot for booking Device Repair Services, which collects all the necessary info:

Hold tight, Updates on the FB Integration of TARS will be coming.


Hey Dan,

Great to see you here.
I want to share a recent Bot with you, that we are building for Hamad Airport:

This beast of a Bot was built by @sirpatel

Although Airports are much different from an Event, but the services that you need on an airport are very similar to the ones needed by a guest in an Event in a new city. Check this Bot to get some ideas on how you can organize all the information in a compact Bot.


Great to see you here Shane.

These are some really amazing number Shane. I think you are going to end up inspiring a whole bunch of people here to start their own business in ChatBots :smiley:

New updates in FB Messenger is in the Roadmap. You’ll hear about them soon.

I think a lot of people will love to learn about your learning on driving Traffic to your Messenger Bots. Feel free to start a new Topic on this subject, for a better discussion.


Oh wow, thanks @vinit ! Looks cool, is there a template of that bot available?

Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to the updates, don’t mind being guinea pig either :slight_smile:


It is a not part of the Public Template in the Tool, but if you want to copy it, just ping me on intercom and i’ll add it in your account.

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Thanks Vinit …for sure I’ll start a new topic about this …it’s going very well and I’m sure we have a lot of creative minds in here that can collectively bring it to a new level.


Hello everyone,

My name is Eugene Kim from Moscow, Russia. I’m entreprenuer and marketing specialist.
My niche is mobile marketing, mobile apps, ecommerce.
I’m trying to use the Bots for marketing and the Tars is most interested for my experience.
Also I’ll plan to develop app for psychologists.

Ish, thanks for the invite!
Vinit and everyone, nice to meet you :wink:


Great to have you here Eugene.

Bots for psychologists, that’s an interesting Idea. Would love to know more about this use-case.
Someone made a Bot around this topic, which asked the users a set of questions to assess if that user qualifies to get an emotional support animal. Although this Bot is not for psychologists, but it is related to the same field. Let me know if you want to check that Bot, i’ll try to find it.

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@Shane That’ll be really cool.

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