Introduce yourself

Already snatched a couple of ideas for our next project. Thanx


Thanks Vinit,

I have tried the bitcoin chatbot before and it is a great example of a tutorial style chat dialogue.

The way I use the chatbot is a bit different. My chatbot helps a person find out if they are eligible for a certain financial support from the government. This is done by traversing a set of qualification rules (“if this and that but not that”-style of rules) asking questions and collecting answers, eventually arriving at a conclusion (yes or no). Basically a simple rule engine in the form of a chat dialogue.


I remember reading a news article about a teenager making a ChatBot to help people file a case challenging the parking tickets that they got. The fees of lawyers are usually very high, so no one does it. But with automation this fees was lowered and it ended up saving a lot of parking ticket money for people. Check this article:


Thank you for that link, haven’t seen that one before. Interesting applications, different domain but similar style to my experiment.

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Yes, with a proper backend system in place (for filing paperwork in a court house), such a system can be buillt on TARS itself, and i think a good business can be built on top of it.

Hi all!
I am very glad to use Tars and mainly use it on Facebook messenger for lead and follow up and also on my websites.
I am a business arch and marketing consulting, I am also a big fan of technology and love teaching small business manager how to run effective marketing campaign that automates itself :slight_smile:
Thanks Tars!


I’m Tomas from Poland, nice to meet you all and thanks for the invitation Ish!
I use the TarsBot as a support bot, guiding users to correct parts of the website to find their answers and eventually write directly to our support help desk. Still learning, but loving the idea of chatBots.

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Hey folks!

Allan here. I’m a UX designer turned business operator and marketer.

I run, which is super relevant because we’re all about storytelling.

I have this strong conviction about focusing on the actual message, not the UI… focusing on content that is conversational, rather than yet another way of tweaking a same old web page format.

I believe that we reached the age where UI is a commodity. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we’re much better off designing conversations :slight_smile:

Here’s a recent bot I made:

Looking forward to geeking out with you folks!


@Christer Check this Product on PH Today:

Similar Idea. These are same guys who built the VisaBot.
I think TARS can become the frontend of such a product.

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Great to have you here @soleven
I am sure a lot of people here can learn from your experiences of running effective marketing campaigns.

Great to see you join the community @allancaeg

I have checked your Bot earlier and loved the copy.
Hope to have you on some interesting conversations here.

Great to have you here @Tomas
Looking forward to check some of the bots that you make

The first bot (still in development) can be checked here: (bottom right robot icon). I plan to work on some integrations to suggest answers for particular questions by using some API.


Mabuhay Everyone! I’m Jake from the Philippines and we’re using bots to generate sale and rental lead for our brokerage! Apparently, we’re the first and only one in the Philippines to use TARS chatbot for this particular purpose.


Great to have you here @RealEstateBotMaker
Real Estate is an interesting Market for ChatBot based Automation and would love to see some interesting Bots on this. Thanks for pioneering this in Philippines :smile:

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Kumusta, @RealEstateBotMaker? :smiley:

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Hi All!

I’m Cathy. We’d created some entertaining fun bots, real estate bots and order delivery bots.

I look forward to learning and collaborating with you guys!


Hey all

We are a data recovery company who are in several countries, but I am based in our UK office.

We are attempting to create a bot to support our users who may be looking for data loss & recovery advice outside of business hours when our staff are offline. As such, we have a similar user flow as to some of the medical/troubleshooting uses that some people have mentioned. I’d be keen to see how some people have addressed this and/or integrated with knowledge bases.



Hi everyone,
I’m Melissa from Wisconsin. I am a mobile app developer and am starting to use bots in my apps. * Customers are loving the idea. I am interested in learning more on how to use apps for:

  • The industrial distribution market. (They have 100’s of products lines and I want the bot to help a customer determine which product is best for their needs.)
  • Bot’s for lead generation.
  • Bots in Real Estate
  • Bots for Doctors. We’re specializing with Eye Doctors at the moment

I’m new to bot development but find the TARS tool to be very intuitive.

Glad to be part of this community.

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@allancaeg hey! great seeing a fellow Filipino here! So, may I know what’s your bot?