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Apparently, there’s lots of Filipinos here that’s pioneering the use of TARS bots in the Philippines! This just made my day! :grinning:

I believe aside from Real Estate, there’s a huge potential for chatbots in generating leads for Life/Non-Life Insurance, Mutual Funds and other financial products.


Great to see you here @cathy :slight_smile:


Here’s one :smiley:


Hello, everyone! I’m Mike and I’m a school teacher in Las Vegas. I’m currently experimenting with bots as a means by which to help parents on our website as well as our students review material.

I’ve got one bot down, but I’m currently sketching some more for this new school year.


Hello Everyone! My name is Subash and we are developing a bot for restaurants. I created two bots recently and we are working on integrating our bots with our back end. Hoping to learn more from you guys and share some of my ideas here.


Great to have you here @horacemandroid
That’s an interesting idea for a Bot, would love to check the Bot that you made.

BTW, since you are a teacher, i can’t resist myself to recommend you to check this bot we made to explain a complex topic of Bitcoin:

I think Bots can be a really amazing tool to help students in personalized learning. Would love to know your thoughts on this.


Hey @subash, Welcome to the jungle.

I am sure you must have seen our most popular Dominos Bot example by now, if you have not then check it out:

Would love to check what you built.


Hi Vinit, Yes I created this bot in less than 15 minutes. I’m just using this to explain the project to my developers and pilot customers. I’m coordinating with Ish who is helping me understand the possibilities for our project requirement.



Nice, just checked your Bot. Pretty cool.


Hi! I’m Nookie. I bought Tars a bit ahead of my development schedule, to start integrating bots into my registration process on my kinky dating site.

Eventually, I’d like my members to be able to use the interface or a friendly bot with explanations to accomplish all sorts of tasks and get service on my site.



I think bots in school could be a great thing. I have a bot project bouncing around my head currently to introduce kids to different literature devices. My first one will follow the fairy tale formula where the child will select the different paths available to fairy tale development (there is an actual formula that was best mastered by Disney in my opinion). Each path tells the story slightly different, so kids can quickly understand (while having a ton of fun too) how literature can be structured.


Hey @Nookie, Welcome to the TARS community.
That’s an interesting use-case that you are describing, would love to see the bots that you make.

Check this demo bot we created ling time back, which is for user registration and updating their profile:


Wow. Just saw this response today :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
That’s a pretty neat bot you got there @allancaeg!


That sounds like a great idea!


I’ve started with one here:

It’s a multipart process.

I’m curious about your example. I’d love the image upload/take a picture option, as we have a photo verification option on our site in addition to personal avatars.

Creating a bot that could walk them through the process would be AMAZING!

However, when I clicked “take a photo,” it still took me to upload. Can we actually access the camera with this bot?


@Nookie Cool Bot.
I think you can make it more engaging with some images/gifs
Also try using cards in some places instead of buttons, you can put an image there and add more information if needed. It makes the bot a bit more visual.

Try clicking on “Take a Photo” on mobile, it will give you an option to open up the camera.


Thank you.

So, take a photo only works with mobile devices, but not web cams?

Is there a way to remove that option on non-mobile/non-tablet devices, then? Otherwise, I think users would find it a bit confusing.


This needs to be seen. I think there is bug probably.
You cannot show different options based on the user device.


Hey Vinit.

Thanks. This is Nice although I have learnt from experience that its important to give useful valuable information before asking questions. I have built a bot for messenger here. Check it out here TripDesign.Us on Messenger. Say ‘Hi’ to get started & choose Bhutan from Options. I am reading up on conversation interfaces and planning to build multiple bots for different audiences & countries. I will surely need your help navigating tars.