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Hi all, I am Pablo from France but I’m Spanish. I’m a web marketing consultant and i’m building my first bot with TARS for a french customer.


@rakeshdebur Just tried your Messenger Bot. Looks really good. Which tool did you use?
I agree with you on that. You have give some value to the user before asking them for their information. specially if it is lead generation use-case.

We are here to help you with making some really interesting and engaging bots.

In your bot, You can try splitting the long texts in multiple message bubbles, and give enough time for the user to read. Check this article we just posted about this topic:


@pgotor Great to have you here Pablo.

I am really curious to see the bots that you make.
Which industry does your customers come from mainly?


Yes. I’d love this if it would work for both mobile and desktop equally.


I checked for this issue, and the reason this is happening is because mobile devices has a camera app which opens up when you click on “Take Photo” button and it is this camera app that does the job of capturing the image and turning it into a file which can be uploaded by the ChatBot. On Desktop there is no such app available, so this whole thing which does the job of showing you the Camera feed and capturing the image needs to be built for Desktop, within the ChatBot web app.

This in itself will require a lot more effort than previously expected. I hope to build this sometime in the future. For now i think we should simply disable the “Take Photo” option from Desktop, so that there is no confusion.


That makes sense to me.

I’d love the “Take Photo” Option long term, but there are ways around it on my end.


Hi all,

I’m Reinier and working in the ePayments industry. Looking at bots for conversational commerce applications, however I have been building two bots to collect information. One bot is used in the work of my wife to make an appointment on a certain date and to to collect the email address of the prospect. The second one I’m using to write my highlights of the week to send to my manager. I can do this while I’m traveling or on the laptop in the office.

Looking forward to what is coming to us in the exiting world of bots.

k r,


In addition, if your bot has a lot to say, you can break it up in chunks and have the user press a button ("e.g. “Please continue”, “I see”, “Go on”, “Ok”) in between the chunks.

I try to keep the chunks small enough so the user doesn’t have to scroll to see the whole chunk.The user respons provides a visual reference for where the new stuff is. It also enables the user to read at their own pace and not having to sit and wait for a delay to count down. This is particularly useful in situations where users may use the bot or a sequence in the bot repeatedly (e.g. a menu-bot).


Hi - My name is Tom and I really like your software. I’m currently using TARS to segment visitors to send them to affiliate products depending on their responses to questions I ask them. I think it would be very useful if TARS could let us know in the visitor reporting where are visitors are coming from (for example if they typed in a keyword while doing a search on Google) - Thanks


Hello Everyone,

I’m Chris from South Carolina and I own a digital marketing agency. We specialize in creating videos for real estate professionals. We use the chat bots in marketing funnels designed to promote listings and gather info from potential home buyers and sellers.


Hey @cleonthompson Great to have you here.
Checkout some pages here, there are few members here from Real Estate industry and they had some interesting conversation around the topic.


Hey @Reinier
Great to have you here.

I am really curious about the Bot that you made to capture work highlight over the week.
That is totally new use-case for me. Would love if you can share that Bot.


Hey @Tom Great having you here.

We have plans to work on the analysis part of the data being collected. Currently we are working on a module so that we can capture the URL referrer for the Bot page, but i am not sure if we can capture the keyword that user searched for in google. I will find some time to see if/how this is possible.

Please feel free to ask other about how they are analyzing their own submissions coming over the chatbot.


Will do vinit, thanks.





Hi All,

My name is Gene from Southern California. I’ve decided to launch a business to help local companies improve their Adwords campaigns by making more effective landing pages. You can see an example here:

I would love to get some feedback from the community. I love the TARS platform because it is so intuitive and is far more engaging than a regular web form. The fact that you can take a visitor from Point A to Point B, C, D or E etc., based on their responses is intriguing and highly useful.

I look forward to seeing what the rest of the community is developing and would love help out anyway I can.



Hey @scuba722, Great to have you here.
Landing page optimisation is an interesting area where a lot of businesses can use some help.

I think a Landing page is about communicating the value proposition of the business in a clear and concise way. Just the other day we were discussing some ideas about how a standalone Bot can achieve that purpose by opening a direct conversation with the landing user, without any other distraction.

Check this page for example:

Would love to hear know about your learnings in this topic.
Feel free open a new Topic here about Landing pages using Conversational Bots.


This is another example for a Bot which lives on the home page of the domain:

Although this is a customer support Bot.