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Thanks, Levi!

When I’d last experimented with creating a TarsBot, that functionality didn’t exist. Or…I guess I should say, the images could not be enlarged, which wouldn’t have worked for what we wanted to do.

Hmmm…now I have to give this serious thought. I’d started a major FAQ/Self-Service Info center on (Typeform) (I know, I know, probably a dirty word here), and I wonder if the users wouldn’t much rather have a bot! (sigh). These things are hard enough to do as it is, without having to choose! (I should say, not HARD…but in many ways, tedious. All the planning out, etc.)

Thanks again, Levi. I’ll take a look at your Bot-FAQ.



Hey Kimberly! Welcome to the community.

You are right - the image zoom feature didn’t exist earlier and it has been about 2-3 months since we released it. Give FAQ bot a go and am sure all of us here would be happy to help in your bot making journey :slight_smile:

My name is Monty. I’m about to launch a meditaion app, and want to use a chatbot as a more fun way of doing an FAQ, i’m also interested in using them to conduct qualitative research.
that’s me!


Hey @Monty,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: . I think giving infomation to the user over a chatbot is really interesting use-case and I always wanted to see more of it, just to learn new things myself. Do share your Bot here in the community once you create, would love to check it.

Hi. We’d created some entertaining fun bots, real estate bots and order delivery bots.

I look forward to learning and collaborating with you guys!


I’m curious to see what you have done! Can you share the links to your bots please?

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My name is Jasper and I am… addicting to this stuff. I am also a scuba diver, a mortgage consultant, a marketer, an glazier and a franchise owner.

I have already started working on a bot for POO Squad and I would like to sell bots to Chiropractors, Crossfit Boxes, Realtors, Scuba Instruction facilities, resorts, other mortgage consultants and home service providers.

I have really enjoyed looking at the bot examples. Keep them coming.

Right now I’m working on an API integration to calculate estimates. Definitely a learning curve but it’s been really fun to work on.

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Going to try to send you a direct message @Shane

Hello guys. My name is Francis, I’m from Brazil. I’m a digital nomad and consultant. I here in this forum to finally star using Tars. I want to use it to offer some help to my new clients in the first steps using my services and hosting. I’ll create a new site with WHMCS and Tars can be very useful with it. Hope its works :smiley: . Its great to be here.


Great to see you here @francis :smile:
Feel free to ask any questions or suggestions to make the Tars chatbot work for you and your client.

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Very cool Jasper! I’m guessing you have tried my vehicle registration calculator. There are a few rounding issues that I’m working on, but overall it’s really cool (if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here) . I think estimators and calculators through bots provide tons of value to customers and will increase conversion and using links in websites to your bots with #tarsbot added to the end will launch the bot in the widget. You can set that up to start from any point in the chatbot conversation based on the need using ?_startgid=XXX.

I’m building a webpage now that launches the bot in the widget to provide extra information, launch fee calculators, and step customers through services based on buttons and links strategically placed in the website.

Let me know if you have any questions on calculations through a bot or get hung up anywhere. I definitely went through a lot of trial and error, so I might be able to help out!

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Do you work for the state of Montana? Or did you contract that out?

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that jump back is amazing and I love the how did i do aspect as well

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Thanks for checking it out, Jasper!

Yes, I work for the State of Montana, and built this as a feature to a bigger bot system called BEN. My biggest bot is right around 200 gambits and that’s just another part of BEN. I’d have more in that bot, but my internet conection lags pretty heavily around 200 gambit bots. I have to wait about 15 seconds to make a save to any gambit. Overall, I’d say BEN is around 600-700 gambits. I did add about 150 extra recently with this fee calculator and another one.

I’m also Co-Owner of Tivity Studios Development and Servicebotz, where we build websites, apps, bots, and manage other digital content as a side business.

I really like building bots, and I’m lucky enough do get to do it for work and work!


Hello I am part of tars, thanks
James Regan

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I’m Stef. I own a real estate brokerage in NYC and an avid open source/self-hosted devotee.
I am currently using TARS as a big part of our lead qualification, lead automation, and office process automation. I love that we have an educated client fully qualified prior to speaking to them. Since it also populates our databases, this information can be updated over time. Keeping us up to date with our clients from room rental to their first purchase.

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Welcome Stef! Glad you are here! Have you experimented with booking showings on properties using a chatbot yet? I can see a fantastic use case for realtors, home owners, and prospective buyers in being able to easily set up a walk-through that schedules the time to everyone’s calendars and sends out reminders as well.

That is on the radar for Summer. We have standard open house times that makes it easier to set booking times. I was pleased to see the Google Calendar inclusion. :slight_smile:

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Excellent! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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@Levi can you add me to the UTM discussion you mentioned in today’s webinar