Let's make some Video Tutorials



When i was a small kid, I really enjoyed watching movies. I still do. and always thought that some day I will make a fun movie that I would enjoy watching later. Well here you go, A video tutorial to use the API Config in TARS Bot builder:

Perfect movie to watch on a weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell us which movies (TARS video tutorials or not) would you guys want us to make? If we cannot make it ourselves, maybe someone else in the community will step up and save the day.


Here you go, one video to walkthrough the Design section of the builder:


One more, around Adding your brand logo in the Chat Area:


Yes! This helps me understand this process a lot more. Usually I can pick up something from text, but a video is foolproof. I would like to see a video using an API that pulls from previous user submissions to generate a response. Particularly, if it used the math API to run calculations using multiple user choices/submissions. Also showing the process to make simple quizzes would be great as well. If I see both examples done once, I can start experimenting from there. Thanks for the video!


Awesome will make some video on “how to make a quiz with TARS chatbot”


Here you go. Making a Quiz Bot with TARS Bot Builder:


Great job! This is exactly what I needed to wrap my head around using the math API. I’m going to get to work on building a fee calculator and some quizzes as well. Thanks again!


That is Awesome :smiley:


More videos coming along. This one explains a very basic thing, i.e. branching in conversation.
I think people a lot of people prefer watching such videos to learn the tool, instead of reading help doc articles.


One more around how to connect gambits to make a conversational flow, and what exactly is a Gambit:


This one explains the Conditional jump feature in TARS Bot Builder:


This one explains something basic.
The optional Input feature and Multiple Bubble Input feature:


This one talks about using Data Referencing to display the user response from earlier, in the conversation.


This one talks about how to use the URL params in the chatbot URL to track where the submissions on the bot are coming from. Check it out:


Referring to URL params in the conversation


Embedding Videos, Sound clips etc. in a chatbot with TARS Bot Builder


Adding Google Maps, slideshare etc… in Chatbot Messages with TARS Bot Builder


Got a new Microphone for recording videos.

The audio quality in the videos below is much better.


Making text Bold, Italics in Chatbot with TARS Bot builder


Time Delay between messages in chatbot with TARS Bot Builder