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This one is a bit advanced video, and helps people who are having trouble while doing the API Integration with the TARS chabot. Here I explain how you can use the Developer tools in the Google chrome browser, to check what is happening behind the scenes of any webpage. Chabot in this specific case.

Debugging API Call in your Chatbot with TARS Bot Builder.


Adding Images/Gifs in your Chatbot with TARS Bot Builder


Very helpful trick, thank you! When the memes loaded, it made me think of another issue. Is there a way we can set the container for the image slot on the card function? You’ll notice that the images were displayed at different heights. I’ve experienced this issue when using the card feature as well. I know with a little resizing in PS we should be able to make the images consistent, but in this case where you are making a call, you can’t control the size of images that will populate the cards. For now a fixed pic height would be nice. In the future, the options to adjust these settings within the bot would be even better. Nice mic btw

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Hey @Levi,

Thanks for checking the video :slight_smile:

For the images in cards, fitting the images of different sizes and aspect ratio, without streching them and messing up the aspect ratio is tricky and different people will have different preferences for how the image should look like.

I definitely think that more work can be done to make the design of cards and even other inputUI better.
We will be working on this to improve it further.


Showing Array of Data in Chatbots with Tars Bot Builder


Adding a external Link in your chatbot with TARS Bot Builder


Check this video playlist that we just put together for all the Video Tutorials for the TARS Bot Builder tool uptil now. We will adding to this playlist as we roll out more videos.


I am really curious how you have managed, in DeCaprio bot, to have those Project Cards showing only the unclicked ones : after clicking on one of them, only the remainder 2 then 1, that were not clicked!


Hey @dan,

This amazing Bot and related content piece is created by our own resident CJ (Content Jockey) @arnav
He will answer this for you.


Send on Tap Feature in Chatot with TARS Bot Builder


Redirect at the End of the Conversation in Chatbot with TARS Bot Builder


@vinit I would love a tutorial on overwriting existing data in a Google Sheet as a continuation of the tutorial on posting then fetching data found here…


Hey @Levi,

I will soon make a few videos around integratation with Google Sheets.
The one for the fetch can also be explained in a video, and one for write to the sheet.

This week is a bit busy, will try to do it in the weekend.


Suggested Text Input in Chatbots with TARS Bot Builder


Image Cards Input in Chatbots with TARS Bot Builder


I think I figured it out, but I can’t test because I’m still taking the free-ride approach with Zapier and it’s a three-part Zap requiring a paid account. I’ll upgrade here shortly then run a test. If it works (and you haven’t done it already) I’ll whip up a little video of the process and post it.

Access data from prev filling

Check this tutorial about the OTP based mobile number verification:


Can we get a video tutorial that covers XML in an API call? I’m stuck in a position that I need to make an API call and use XML, but I don’t have much of a starting point so I can start moving through it with good old trial and error lol


Hi @Levi,

The way to do this is by using an API which converts XML to JSON.

So basically making another API call which will take the input from the response of the previous API call (with XML response) and send it to this API which will return the JSON format data for that XML data.

I was looking for a good XMLtoJSON API, but couldn’t find anything. So I created it myself here:

Check this screenshot to see how to use it:

Just reference the XML using {{pre.gambit_name_with_xml_response}} in the raw data section, with XML selected from dropdown menu.

Hope this is helpful.
I will try to make a video tutorial for this as well.


I love how you just nonchalantly write, “I was looking for a good XMLtoJSON API, but couldn’t find anything. So I created it myself,” hahaha! I’m going to give this a try. Once I format it, this will be my first time really using data iterations and I believe they will need to by multilayered, so this will take some time for me to figure out for sure. But JSON will make it easier to digest. Thanks!