Let's make some Video Tutorials



Hi this is amazing. I’m going to watch this like there is no tomorrow. Can anyone make a video of hellotars as submit ticket and then it adds up to wordpress user messages history?


One more Video to explain how to use Zapier Webhooks to Push data captured from TARS Chatbot to a Google Sheet. This will update the corresponding row if it exists, otherwise it will create a new row for a new conversation with the user.


This video explains how you can Run an A/B Split test in your Google Adwords Account, using something call a Campaign Experiment.

We are running this experiment by making one single change in all the Ad Copies of a your choosen Campaign. that is the Final Destination URL of the Ads.

Check it here:


Here is the video which explains how you can Track your Conversion for your Ads to see it in your Adwords Dashboard. The Conversion is tied to the Goal of the Conversation and this conversion event gets fired everytime the user gives reaponse to a Goal Gambit.


I just so happened to be dabbling in this unintentionally. Making a video might be difficult, because I was working with a webmaster to make the endpoint and transfer information from the bot to create new contacts with their information in the WP database. So creating a ticket with a person’s information and uploading it would be simple enough. Updating their information to include new developments/status would likewise be easy for someone with experience putting together those endpoints.

Unfortunately, that still isn’t me. I want it to be, but I’m still learning… and there is so much to learn in this area. I know folks would like a full demo of my ticket submission bot, and on this thread a demo of uploading contacts to email marketing services like MailChimp and SendGrid. All are awesome features that really let TARS bots shine. I will see what I can do in the future.