Send traffic to Webinar to Bot?

Hey folks, need help/advice here.

I got a great BOT all up and running and working great. Now I need help sending traffic to it. I am a big webinar guy, so I have a brand new webinar I need to send out and get folks to register. But, in this case, I would like to get folks to register via the BOT.

Any advice, tips or tricks on what to do here?


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Hi @billdow,

Congrats on creating your own Bot. :smile:

Marketing is not a strength for me, but I am sure you will get more informative responses here.

I think bringing traffic to your Bot for people to interact with, has a lot of similarity with bringing traffic to a web page. One major difference is that, once the user comes to your chatbot, you can pull them into a conversation which focuses on them and the challenges that they are facing.

We recently wrote a piece about this topic which leverages emails to send out your Bots to people, right in their mailbox. This is just one of the many channels. Check this article:

We are planning to write more on the topic of effectively marketing your Bots and targeting your bot conversation with the people which pulls them in.

Awesome, thanks Vinit, I will check it out for sure! :slight_smile:

There was another topic I started around something similar - Promoting/Distributing your bot

You might want to check it out.