This scenario possible? Overlay of tars chatbot on mobile

Hey gang,

We can trigger the tars chatbot with buttons, lins, and widget.
Resource of this:

What if we trigger the chatbot by the URL?

In the mobile website, we can have two types of contents… One is for SEO and one is for PPC focussed.

PPC focussed we can use the tars chatbot… …But what if we can use both in the same URL?

So the idea is to trigger the chatbot by URL parameters? (SEO and everyone sees) (Used for the google ads etc)

By doing this we get all the goodies of SEO benefit as well as PPC too.

Let me know how we can accomplish this.

Feel free to ask more details on this, I’ll be happy to share the scenario too :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work guys.

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Hi @thesureshg
So you are looking to essentially auto-launch the chatbot in the middle of the screen on a landing page or website based on a URL parameter. Basically taking the conversational landing page layout but just floating the bot over an existing landing page or website, correct?


Hi @Levi That’s correct. you got it so perfectly what I’m thinking.

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Cool! I think it’s an interesting and valuable idea. We have definitely talked about this subject more than once. Actually here is a thread in the community about it.

I think your idea is a great addition to this topic. I’ll let the tech team know about the suggestion!

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Thank you @levi . That’s good to hear, it’s already discussed. I had a call with one of the member of hellotars team, I explained what I wanted and with examples too.

This feature is specially helpful for more conversions via paid ads. As we can use the same URL by just triggering the bot with Class id, That should help both organic traffic, and paid ad traffic too.

I’m working with JS developer to make the button clickable with click id like #tarsbot. Need to test it out this model. As I need to get this done via priority, JS developer is helping me with the implementation.

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