What Makes For a Great Conversation With a Bot?

Just read this article with the same name and really liked some of the points mentioned in it.

Check it out here:

Would love to have some discusson around this topic, and what kind of things you guys are doing to make the conversation with your Bot, better.

I think this is the most important aspect of a ChatBot based interaction and since we are still at the beginning of this tech, we are not yet talking much about this conversational content aspect and stuck at the old view of visual design and colors of the interface.


Yes! I believe I mentioned some similar points in this post. This article is straight out of the writer’s playbook, so I suggest everyone read it (or at least the person that is writing your dialogue). When working on my bots, I keep a Word doc open to paste “repeat” phrases the bot uses to ensure consistency across the application. Of course I wait until the end of my chatbot build to implement this process so my writing is clear, concise, and consistent with the overall tone of the bot (otherwise you will do a lot of extra work you don’t need to).

I like the mention of personality to a bot as well. When I first created BEN, his personality was over the top. As users started interacting, I reeled the personality in until I found a great balance between functionality and fun (so to speak).

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@Levi you should just turn these amazing bits of advice into posts :slight_smile: I feel this would be really helpful to other bot makers out here.

Will be happy to feature them on Tars blog.

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